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Security services

At HV Security, our exceptional team of extensively trained security guards sets us apart as a trusted name in the industry. With a rigorous candidate selection process and comprehensive sector-specific training, we deliver top-of-the-line security services. Count on HV Security to protect your business and interests with unmatched expertise.

Mobile patrol

Leading Mobile Security Services Nationwide. HV Security stands as the premier provider of mobile security solutions across Canada. Our fleet, the largest in Hamilton, ensures swift response times and unmatched protection. Count on HV Security for expertly trained security guards and tailored security services that exceed expectations

Condo security

Your Trusted Partner for Specialized Concierge and Security Services. From private residences and gated communities to condominium towers and hotels, HV Security offers tailored security solutions. Count on us to provide expert support and protection wherever you need it. Experience the peace of mind that comes with HV Security’s exceptional concierge and security services


At HV Security, our mission is to deliver the utmost in security services and products, empowering our clients to operate seamlessly and effortlessly. We place a strong emphasis on our people, recognizing their valuable contributions and fostering a rewarding environment. Through comprehensive company training, we ensure our employees are fully prepared for duty, treating each individual as a cherished member of the HV Security family.

“Our Reliable Partner for Enhanced Guard Coverage and Exceptional Service. HV Security has been instrumental in providing additional support for emergencies, patient watches, and special events, going above and beyond our contracted hours. Their unwavering commitment to accuracy and timely service sets them apart. Trust HV Security for reliable and superior security solutions tailored to your specific requirements.”

Wade Warren

Why Choose Us

Extensive Guard Coverage and Support

Our partnership with HV Security allows us to access additional guard coverage, ensuring comprehensive support for emergencies, patient watches, and special events. We go above and beyond our contracted hours to prioritize your safety and security.

Exceptional Level of Service

HV Security consistently delivers an exceptional level of service that is accurate, timely, and reliable. Our commitment to quality and reliability ensures that you receive the highest standard of security solutions.

Reliable and Timely Response

HV Security understands the urgency of security needs, and our team is trained to provide a reliable and timely response. Count on us to swiftly address any security concerns or emergencies that may arise.

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